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Change agents

The Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances in East and Southern Africa (EELA) Project invites interested and eligible applicants meeting the set-out requirements and attributes to submit their expression of interest to be part of the change agents for the exciting paradigm shift to transition markets in EAC and SADC regions to energy efficient lighting and appliances and thereby achieving the region's sustainable development objectives.

One of the key principles of organizational change management is that implementation takes place at the local level. A skilled cadre of Change Agents with multiple attributes is needed to actually implement the change. Among the attributes of the change agent should be flexibility, diversified knowledge, priority and results focused, ownership and responsibility and effective listening skills.


The EELA Online Capacity Development Training is divided into different modules targeting five areas i) General Introduction module on how to create an enabling market of EELA, ii) Lighting module, iii) Clean Cooling module, iv) Productive use of Energy module and v) Market Development module. The training will be delivered in six months’ cycles by the EELA Project in collaboration with the Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (KGRTC) starting October 2022 through a combination of delivery models including pre-recorded videos, live webinars and physical meetings. Certification will be given per completed module and for participants completing all five (5) modules a final certification will be offered. There is no payment required from participants.


Upon completion of the training the Change Agents shall be able to implement a change project in the respective Member State such as implementing an energy efficiency policy or driving the process of adoption of the regionally harmonised Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for lighting, productive-use appliances and process or cooling appliances or introducing new energy services business models.

The core group should be able to:

  1. Identify different market players and their role in developing an enabling market for energy efficient lighting and appliances. 
  2. Identify the strengths and weaknesses in their national policy and regulatory landscape, including MEPS and energy labelling 
  3. Identify various opportunities and obstacles met by producers and/or distributors of energy efficient lighting and appliances in the development of an enabling market.
  4. Introducing new energy services business models in their businesses
  5. Formulate a theory of change to transition to energy efficient lighting and appliances
  6. Implement a physical project in line with the formulated theory of change

The EELA Project team and the Swedish Energy Agency SEA will provide technical assistance to the change agents in the realization of the change projects for the Member States.

Who can apply?

The following stakeholders are eligible to apply.

  1. Policy makers
  2. Technical committee members
  3. National Standardisation bodies
  4. Lab technicians
  5. Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s)
  6. Manufacturers
  7. Retailers
  8. Importers
  9. Market surveillance actors
  10. Public and private procurers
  11. Consumer organisations
  12. Gender focal persons
  13. Customs bodies
  14. Academia


The composition of the change agents per member state should consists of members from the following institutions which cuts across the EELA supply value chain. Gender balance (40%) shall be considered in evaluating membership to the change agent group.

How to apply?

EoI should be submitted using the following link: webform

Deadline: 17th March 2023