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Private sector

Strong private sector involvement is needed to achieve a market of high-quality energy efficient services and products. New business opportunities are coming up with a growing market for local companies. The EELA project provides support for innovative delivery models for energy efficient services and products such as those provided by Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and other Public-Private Partnerships or private initiatives.


private sector


The EELA project launched the EELA Technical Assistance and Co-Financing Facility in 2021 to support the implementation of EELA projects in EAC and SADC. The Facility includes three windows: 1) a technical assistance window for energy users for the design of energy service business models, 2) a co-financing window for energy services providers to implement EELA projects through innovative energy service business models, and 3) a co-financing window for manufacturers to transition to EE products that comply with MEPS.

Thirty-five applications were received covering various sectors, technologies, and energy service business models from EAC and SADC companies. Eight applicants have qualified and are receiving technical assistance or co-financing support to implement their projects.

More information on the projects will soon be published on the website.